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Ocean CPPS Moderator application.



Hello, I am Courtney and today I am going to make a Application for Ocean CPPS to become moderator but without further or do here it is.


Courtney, if I change my username I will inform you as soon as possible but not likely I will.

I been Moderator on many CPPS and some of Rockets and Luke's but other then that I been moderator on other cpps, including some of Fice's CPPS that he made, but other then that I could include more but I don't want to advertise CPPS.

I am Eleven years old, it may seem young to you but it is pretty old for some people, but other then that there isn't much to age on here [probably] but maybe but I like adding it to tell you information about how old I am so you don't add a moderator that is only five and bans everyone.

You can contact me on my skype Queenbella.mella or you can contact me on DSGHQ forums my username is Courtney on there or email and I use my moms or my email it depends on which time it is because I may be somewhere else so I go on my moms and if I am at my house usually my email but here are my emails I use.

Moms - is her email but you probably won't get a answer on there but I will check it often if I earn Moderator.

My Email- I use it quite often but if I don't message back I am sorry but I don't use emails a lot but I will check almost every day if you sent anything.

Why I should be Moderator-
I don't know you can decide that I don't want to say why I should a moderator but if I had to because I love help would be one of the reasons why I should be moderator but other then that you can decide.

Why I want to be Moderator-
To help and make Ocean CPPS a better cpps without any mean users that bully a hundred times a day I will keep it very nice and I will help expand the population of the CPPS etc, but other then that I was to make because happy and just help them achieve what they want to achieve I will help them as much as I can but that's why I want to be Moderator.

I am very active I usually am on 2-7 or more hours a day maybe less only if I am busy but most likely not only on school days.


But that is all and I hope you enjoyed my application that I made and sorry if it was long or if it was bad.

Have a Wonderful and Amazing day.
Bella.  Smile

#1 - Posted on Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:47 pm


Very Nice Application i will tell Luke about this

#2 - Posted on Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:50 pm


Happyfeetjer wrote:Very Nice Application i will tell Luke about this  

Thank you that is very kind of you to do, and I am glad you enjoyed my application. But other then that thanks one last time. Wink

Have a Wonderful and Amazing day.
Bella. <3

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