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Tutorial: CPPSCreator Part #1: Commands.



Tutorial: CPPSCreator Part #1: Commands. Empty
The commands continue in part #2.
I might also update the post.

Howdy mates, i am remaking the series of tutorials i gave out.
CPPSCreator is a wonderful Club Penguin Private Server hoster which you can make servers with.
Here is a link to CPPSCreator: Click me, i wont bite.
Ok, now lets get to the tutorial that the topic is about to talk about.
Commands! Yes, commands are fin-tastic things that you can do many actions with, such as walk fast, go to rooms and much more.
List of commands:

!id - This command shows your ID of your penguin.
Example: For example, you have ID 965 and the other penguin is 1321 ID, which means that you are 965th penguin to create a penguin in CPPSCreator and the other one is 1321th penguin to create a penguin in CPPSCreator.

!ac - This adds coins to your penguin.
Example: A penguin types !ac 6781 and gets 6781 coins.

!ai - This adds a item to your penguin.
Example: You might wanna add a tan cowboy hat in your inventory, so you might wanna type !ai 404 because 404 is the id of tan cowboy hat.
A good way to find ids of items is to go to Club Penguin Wiki: Click, click.

!users - This command shows how many users is in the private server.
Example: A penguin types !users and sees that there is 4 users in the server.

!jr - This command teleports you to many rooms.
Example: Someone types !jr 100 and teleports to town.

!mpr - This command shows what is the room ID and how many users is there.
Example: This is similar to !users command, however it shows also what is the room ID.

!ping - This command makes bot say if you are online. If bot says Pong then you are online. If bot says Ping then you are offline.
Example: Bot says "Pong" which means you are online.

!TF - This opens up the transform menu which you can transform into many things with it.

!GLOWS - This open a menu which you can edit your Name Color, Ring Color and much more colors that is shown in the menu.

!size - This command makes your penguin smaller and bigger.
Example: Size 1 is the smallest and size 2 is the normal size and size 3 is the biggest size.

!speed - With this command you can make your self fast or very slow.
Example: You can type !speed 1 if you wanna walk the normal speed or !speed 100 if you wanna be super fast.

!alpha - With this command you can make yourself transparent.
Example: If you wanna be the least visible, you can type !alpha 25 or if you wanna be visible you can type !alpha 100.

!blend - This command changes your colors of your penguin.
Example: You can change your colors by typing !blend subtract or !blend add. To become back to normal type !blend normal.


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Tutorial: CPPSCreator Part #1: Commands. Empty
Nice post and very good tutorial this will help many new users on cppscreator I appreciate the help you have done, good-job! And I can't wait to see part two of your tutorial for Cppscreator I bet it will be amazing. Square

Have a Wonderful and Amazing day.
Bella. Gold

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