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DSGHQ, -gone forever-



The game system created that made Oldcp,DSGHQ forums etc. That we supported and many of us played is sadly down here is a timeline of the DSGHQ.

Damen Spike made his first game it was a single player game although he made it into a multiplayer game, but it didn't last long before he made another game and deleted the game.

First year of OLDCP the most and famous game of his that he copied from the Old Club penguin rooms and features it was a wonderful game and still is but it sadly shut down on 2-7-16 forever, although it was his second game ever and one of his best games including over 2M users registered. ;)

Snailschat was made, it is now recreated and owned by Luke and Rocket it is a wonderful game and if you want to play it, it is and it is fun!

Forums was made and many people registered it also was closed forever and shut down on 2-7-16 it was a wonderful forums to make post and just have a blast.

Snailsdom was made, after snailschat shut down it was very fun it was made with snails like snailschat and I loved the game it would the replacement for snailschat.

LEORPG launched, it was a wonderful sight I love LeoRPG but it sadly has been laggy and not working and I think it is shut down forever so if it is it as well shut down with the other games on 2-7-16.

A good year but bad year the games like Oldcp,Forums, and LeoRPG where closed forever and they were all good and amazing and we will miss them darely.

Rest in Piece DSGHQ.

Have a Wonderful and Amazing day.

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The Skull

The Skull

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It might be gone. But forever in our hearts.

#2 - Posted on Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:31 pm
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I'm kinda glad its gone but also not , a lot of the mods on there were bitches so :P

#3 - Posted on Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:48 am


@carly wrote:I'm kinda glad its gone but also not , a lot of the mods on there were bitches  so :P

Well, you're unlucky because it's back! Ta-da!

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