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Xat smiley's



There is now xat smiley's Luke is working hard on them so far he has  EveryPower done but when you are reading this there may be a lot more. But Luke is going to add all of the xat smiley's if he forgets a few just ask him and he might add them because it is hard work to add hundreds of smiley's but he is going to add them and hopefully they will be finished added soon but there is a back part, soon you will need to buy xat smiley's on here with gold by making post and reply's and it will be a bunch of fun to make post and reply to peoples post but there may be competitions for gold and you can donate to get gold and with gold you can buy NG,NC,Xat smiley's and other addons will maybe be added in the future.


But that is all and I hope you enjoy the new feature on forums, but other then that bye.

Have a Wonderful and Amazing day.


Some are going to be edit very soon, that is all maybe there is all of them when you are seeing this.

#1 - Posted on Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:34 pm

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